Are you planning to make home renovations in 2020? If so, here are the top four renovations to make if you want the best return on investment.

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As a home-improvement enthusiast myself, today I’ll share the top four home renovations in terms of the kind of return you’ll get on your investment:

1. Garage door replacement. Garage doors can be the main focal point of your home. The average replacement costs about $3,600, and you can expect to recoup around 98% of that cost.

2. Landscape improvements. Don’t get too extravagant here; we’re talking about replacing sod, planting flowers, and maybe installing some rock formations. Sprucing up your landscaping can boost your curb appeal, which always gives a good return on your investment—a 95% return, on average.

3. Kitchen remodel. This is not only a great opportunity to add value to your home, but also a way to increase your enjoyment while you live there, be it for entertaining or handling your day-to-day cooking. The average kitchen remodel costs a little over $20,000 and you can get an 80% return on your investment.

4. Wood deck additions. If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard, a wood deck addition can really enhance the usability of that space, allowing you to host more people and enjoy the outdoors more often. The average cost is upwards of $10,000 and your return on investment will be around 75%.


Use these tips to help get you started on any home improvements you’re considering for 2020. Remember that every home and neighborhood is different, so what may be good in one place isn’t necessarily going to be as good in another.


If you have any questions about your upcoming project or home improvement in general, feel free to reach out to us. I’d be happy to discuss your plans and even refer you to a trusted vendor. Hope to hear from you soon!